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Down Jacket the First Choice for Children in Winter

When winter arrives, down jackets are indispensable in our children’s wardrobes. Wearing wholesale childrens down jackets can not only keep warm, but also give a sense of fashion. But do mothers know how to choose a down jacket for children? Let’s take a look

  1. View the Fabrics of Children’s Down Jackets

    shestar wholesale kid unisex solid color hooded coatThe velvet content actually refers to the percentage of velvet filled in the down jacket, but it is not as high as possible. For children’s clothes, it should be better and safer. Mothers should determine it according to the outdoor temperature, Children’s activity level and wearing needs, generally around 80% can meet the demand.

  2. Press the Children’s Down Jacket

    shestar wholesale kid unisex shiny down jacket

    The fluffy down jacket with your hand, and then loosen it. The faster the rebound speed, the higher the fluffiness and the better the warmth retention. If it cannot be restored to its original state or the restoration speed is slow, it means that the velvet quality is poor and the velvet content is low. Soft and comfortable ones are more suitable for Children.

  3. Touch the Material of the Children’s Down Jacket

    shestar wholesale kid unisex solid color knee down coatCarefully touch and pinch the down jacket with your hands to check the feel of the down jacket. It is normal for some down jackets to contain small hair stalks (but not thick stalks). On the contrary, if you can’t touch any of the hair stalks, you need to be cautious in buying, because it may be filled with polyester fibers and feathers, which not only does it have poor warmth for Kids, it also poses health risks to children.

  4. Choose a Down Jacket with Better Breathability for Children

    shestar wholesale kid girl boy shiny hooded coatTap the down jacket with your hands to check if there is any overflow. If a large amount of down overflows, it means that the down jacket has poor fabric and is easy to get down. But it is best not to buy down jackets that are not drilled down and waterproof. This kind of fabric is often poorly breathable. Even in winter, poorly breathable clothes will have a certain impact on children. After washing, the moisture cannot quickly dissipate and it is easy to breed bacteria. Have an impact on children’s health. Of course, due to the softness of down, it is normal for a small amount of down to overflow from the seam.

  5. Smell the Down Jacket

    shestar wholesale kid boy girl ear shiny hooded down coatGenerally speaking, down jackets of qualified quality will have no peculiar smell. Whether it is duck down or goose down, it is cleaned and disinfected before filling, so there will be no peculiar smell. If the child wears smelly clothes, it will still have an impact all the time.
    If the newly bought down jacket has a peculiar smell, it may be due to two reasons: one is that the down has not been sterilized at high temperature; the other is that the down is not exposed to the sun before filling, resulting in residual moisture in the down. After a period of fermentation, the down Smell. Therefore, it is best not to buy down jackets with peculiar smell.

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